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by Kim Moore 24. May 2016 09:55

Alex is at the Chelsea Flower Show today working on the RHS's Greening Grey Britain stand designed by Ann-Marie Powell. Ann-Marie commissioned us to design a new bench for the stand to match her bright, friendly planting. Our new bench is backless, wooden topped and curved for comfort. It's frame is powder coated in either RHS purple or tangerine orange. Even sunk into the planting, the benches bold colour schemes shout out to be sat on. We're so glad that the RHS stand is open to the public so people can try our new bench for themselves.

The benches aren't the only colourful metalwork on the stand, we've designed some herbaceous plant supports especially for the show and have powder coated them too in the same colours as the benches. They really stand out in the borders.

The stand also features our abstract flower stems, or bird feeders as they seem to be becoming known. Birds do like them as their cupped shape collects the rain and can be filled with bird seed too. We're just happy that so many people are enjoying them at Chelsea. I'm on the stand tomorrow so if any of you are Chelsea-bound, drop by and say hello.





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All things Chelsea

by Kim Moore 13. May 2016 08:26

Well the big day's nearly here, the start of this year's Chelsea Flower Show. We've exhibited at the show in previous years - it's a huge amount of work just getting a trade stand ready - but this year we've done work for two Chelsea Show Gardens and quite honestly, it's been fun, but hectic!


Jekka McVicar of Jekka's Herb Farm has designed a Modern Apothecary Garden for St John's Hospice and we were thrilled when she asked if she could use our contemporary arch in it. Eventually, as well as the arch, we designed some bespoke edging for the garden to complete the look. We were delighted too when we heard that the garden will be moved after the show to the hospice for the enjoyment of residents, staff and visitors.


As well as working with Jekka, we're also supplying metalwork for Ann-Marie Powell's RHS Garden for Health Happiness and Horticulture. This colourful garden will feature our new herbaceous plant supports, all powder coated in a range of colours, some specially designed benches and our metal flower stems which also double as bird feeders.


I'd like to thank both Ann-Marie and Jekka for choosing our metalwork this year and wish them luck for the final build. Both Alex and myself will be working on the RHS garden on the Tuesday and Wednesday of Chelsea week, so drop by and say hello if you're lucky enough to have a ticket.


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Kew and the National Trust

by Kim Moore 4. December 2015 06:16

We're finishing 2015 on a high, working with Kew Gardens on displays for their Orchard Festival as well as Nymans, the beautiful National Trust house and garden at Handcross. We've been enjoying our trips to Kew, it's a family favourite for birthdays in our house and for some holiday fun too. It's been fantastic to be able to see behind the scenes and to hear some amazing stories about the place, tales that include the wonderful David Attenborough who filmed the Kingdon of Plants at Kew in 2012. Did you know that some of the trees in the Palm Houses need to be exercised? Protected as they are against the wind, it's the job of Kew's students to move them gently to encourage secondary roots.

You can now see and buy our obelisks from the lovely garden centre at Nymans. We're also working with their head gardener to create a few new bits of metalwork about the place. We'll share them with you as soon as they are ready.

Thank you to everyone who's shopped with us this year. Have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Kim and Alex

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Contemporary Log Basket With A Modern Twist

by Kim Moore 21. November 2015 10:53

We've been mulling over the idea of an interior log basket to add to our site for some time. As always with us, we wanted to make something practical, it had to be able to hold at least a couple of fires worth of wood and be strong enough to carry the weight easily. Of course it also had to look good. We liked the idea of a traditional shape, but with a few fresh details to modern it up a bit.

After a few weeks of tinkering we finally came up with the finished basket. Its circular shape is fairly traditional, but it's hooped, wedged form and wrap over handle has 'a bit of the Nordic' about it, as does the addition of it's chiselled wooden runners, which hold it clear of the floor. It's been hand-forged by Alex and then finished by burnishing and laquering the metal. The combination of the clean, fresh oak and deep metal lustre are magical.

I love it, we've one by the fireside already. If you want one this wintertime, you can order online or call Alex at the workshop on 01403 465950. Go on, you won't regret it.



One Week Delivery

by Kim Moore 12. November 2015 09:12

I hate to be the one to mention it, but Christmas is looming. We've been beavering away in the forge getting a supply of chestnut roasters and cheese roasting pans ready (see action shot of Alex). Our industriousness means that we can get them to you quickly, their delivery time is only about a week. We can often send other products out quickly too, it's worth giving us a call if you need something smartish. We'll do all we can to help if you're buying something as a gift - we're soft hearted people! So feel free to call us on 01403 865950 to check availabilities for any Christmas deliveries.


New Hourglass Obelisk and Canopy

by Kim Moore 23. September 2015 05:10

I can't remember the last time I had to wake our boys in the morning. It's never a happy experience, but today was promising fine weather and we wanted to get some photos of our new obelisk, the Hourglass and the Canopy ready to put on the website. We trotted down to the bech to do them, as a clear blue sky makes a perfect backdrop to show off our curvy metalwork. Our boys had fun running along the pebbles, looking for starfish and mermaids purses. There were lots of them promising lots of happy rays swimming off our Brighton coast. The boys even helped position the metalwork for each shot, while acting up for the camera of course. Our eldest is a natural showman and is never happier than when in front of a camera.

Pictures done, I dropped them at school and have been at the computer since. I'm hoping the new products will be on the website in the next couple of days. The Hourglass's curvy form can be used either way up and it has a wider diameter at one end than the other (50cm and 80cm wide diameters). Both ends have 15cm long legs for putting into the ground (we supply it with 3 large pegs for securing it in the ground too and it's 2.7m tall when not footed into the ground. The Canopy is designed to allow climbers to grow to form an unbrella shape and can be used with any other of our obelisks, Classic, Large Classic and Demi. It's 1.5m wide with an internal diameter of 50cm and is 10cm deep. It fits perfectly onto the top of the Hourglass making a wonderful tree shape in your garden. To fix it to our other obelisks we simply cable tie it for the same effect. The Hourglass is £260 and the Canopy is £115. To order one now, call Alex at the workshop on 01403 865950, or you can order it through the website in the next few days. Let us know what you think of it and if you have any suggestions for future products. Kim


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Hannah's our Prize Draw Winner

by Kim Moore 21. July 2015 09:23

We ran a prize draw recently to win a 3m tall Classic obelisk which we'd made as a sample for a client's project we were working on. We had an amzing 167 entries from Facbook, Twitter and by email. Hannah Collins is our lucky winner! Don't be too disappointed if you didn't win as we will be offering prizes again soon. Just follow us @MooreDesignsUK on Facebook, Twitter or check our blog posts from time to time to be in with a chance to win.

Good luck!

Kim and Alex


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Win An Obelisk

by Kim Moore 13. July 2015 11:22

Win a Metal Garden Obelisk

Enter our prise draw to win a 3 metre obelisk.

We're giving away a 3m high metal garden obelisk with an oxidised rust finish, handmade by us at our workshop in Cowfold, West Sussex. We don't sell obelisks this size, this was a sample one we put together so it's unique! It's the same shape as our Large Classic Obelisk, just a little taller. The obelisk would be perfect for any large climbing plants like clematis or climbing roses and would be ideal in any size of garden as it directs planting upwards. In smaller gardens it will help contain planting and give you a 'tree effect', adding height and interest throughout the year, especially if used with an evergreen plant. 

Free delivery to any UK mainland address is included with the prize and we'll include extra long stakes for securing the obelisk into the ground. The dimensions are 2.7m from the top to the ring at the bottom, 30cm long legs for footing into the ground, 30cm diameter at the bottom and 75cm diameter at the top.

There are three ways to enter the prize draw: simply visit our Facebook page and comment on the competition, follow us and comment on our prize draw tweet on Twitter @MooreDesignsUK, or email me your entry, The competition closes at 9pm next Monday 20th July. There's no cash alternative to the prize and I'll notify the winner by email on Tuesday 21st July, through Facebook or Twitter. The winning entry will be drawn by an independent third party. Good luck!


Garden Obelisk

The Loveliness of Chelsea's Dark Matter Garden

by Kim Moore 20. May 2015 05:28

We weren't exhibiting at Chelsea this year, but Alex's sister, Rebekah Panayides was there with the press. Bec is a horticulturalist and garden writer, formerly of Which? Gardening and was lucky to be invited to the press day. One of her favourite gardens was the Dark Matter Garden for the National Schools' Observatory. It was awarded Best in Show in the 'Fresh Garden Category' and it's easy to see why. Rebekah writes;

"The garden is filled with rusted steel - a massive curvaceous container, metal bar lattice running through the middle, metal raised beds and a huge rusted steel wall with a circular window through which you can view the garden. The rusted steel looks fabulous with the mix of acid green and dark foliage plants. It looked even better in the rain which is more than can be said for a lot of the show gardens which needed the sun to look their best.

The 'Fresh Garden Category' in which it won Best in Show is for small gardens using innovative materials and displaying new and informative ideas. The garden was designed by Howard Miller Design Ltd involving a team of mixed skills; astronomers, horticulturalists and construction experts, all led by an architect. It depicts the effect of dark matter on light in space, which I think will appeal to Alex especially. Well done to them, it was aesthetically gorgeous with layers of meaning and it shows how beautiful rusted steel looks in the garden and how it suits the vagaries of the British weather.

Note: for science lovers, it is also a very timely win as it is the centenary of Einstein's theory of relativity in which the bending of light by gravity was first predicted."

We think the garden beautifully showcases the loveliness of rusted steel in gardens, something we've been promoting for a while. We hope you like it too.

Kim, Alex and Rebekah



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Open Day at Aulden Farm

by Kim Moore 13. April 2015 09:29

The lovely Aulden Farm near Leominster which has the national collection of Siberian Irises is having an open day this Sunday 19th April as part of the National Garden Scheme. We have a few pieces in the gardens which showcase some beautiful planting. For opening times visit or for details of other gardens that will be opening visit the National Garden Scheme website,

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