Stolen Tools

by Kim Moore 27. March 2015 06:27

Please help! Our workshop in Sussex was broken into on Tuesday night and a lot of our stock and equipment stolen. I'm going to list our equipment below and if anyone is offered bits that match the description, or if they see ads for it, wherever you are in the country can they please contact me 0778 685 2325. We're a small family business and can't afford these sort of losses and are desperate to get our equipment back so we can get back to work and catch these people:

Welo 250 amp MIG welder, yellow 3 phase, old well used, blue torch, custom side handles to take leads, blue custom rear trolley to take 2 gas bottles. 
Welo 180 amp AC/DC TIG welder, yellow single phase but with 5 pin plug attached, old and well used. 
Red flame painted reactor light welding lid. 
Bosch multi drill in blue box with lots of masonry drills, well used and old. De Walt cordless drill, yellow in black box, new condition. 
Makita 14" chop saw, grey beige colour, well used. 
Blue point 100PC spanner and 80 1/4" and 3/8" drive socket set, blue and grey plastic box, has a snap on drive ratchet instead of blue point.

Thank you so much.

Kim and Alex

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Thank you Sarah Raven!

by Kim Moore 21. January 2015 05:46

We've got a poorly boy at home at the moment - Moore Junior we'll call him. He's meant to be writing blogs in Literacy at school today, so I thought I'd take the oppotunity to get him to write our blog. It's educational after all! Over to you Moore Junior. 

First I want to thank Sarah Raven for buying our arches and puting them in her cuting garden and then taking a picture of them and putting the picture of the arches in her new calendar. Just to tell you the picture of the arches is on the month July. P.S July is my favourite month of the year.Smile Now over to you Muma Moore.

Thanks fella! Good job well done. Last thing to say is that we will be exhibiting our arches at a selection of RHS shows this year, starting with a Secret Garden Sunday at the Lindley Halls on 1st March. The new event promises to have the best of a spring fete with fresh produce and local food. I'll put a full event diary up soon. Email us if you want any information on when and where we'll be. 

We're looking foward to seeing you all this spring.

Kim, Alex and Moore Junior


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Our Handmade Christmas Tree

by Kim Moore 15. December 2014 07:38

Alex has always wanted to have a go at designing a Cjristmas tree so this year he took a bit of time out of our busy gift making schedule to do just that. The result? A hand-forged metal base which foraged wooden poles slot into. We then gathered the poles to a point and added a forged metal star. It's been approved by the whole Moore family, but let us know what you think. I know that Alex is already planning what to do for next year!



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Our Happy Customers

by Kim Moore 3. December 2014 04:56

Because we're a small company offering a personal service, we talk a lot to our customers. That means that we hear a lot of what they think of our products and our service. We'd be the first to admit that when we get busy our delivery times are longer than we'd like, but that's beause we hand make our products. We know that most of our clients appreciate this and are happy to wait a bit longer for something that's a bit special. We often get appeciative emails and one we received recently was so nice I thought I'd share it with you. 

Hi Alex

My hand forged chestnut roaster has just arrived and I am thrilled to bits with it. Looks absolutely fabulous in my farmhouse kitchen and reminds me of many happy times roasting chestnuts on my Grandmother's fire. It is a piece I will treasure for many years whilst admiring the skill required in designing such a work of art. The craftsmanship is indeed superb and my husband has just commented "How clever". Thank you again.

Kind regards

Linda Needham



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Bye bye Court House Farm

by Kim Moore 27. November 2014 08:08

Well it's been a long time coming, but we finally moved the last of our big machinery into our new workshop today at Capons Hill Farm in Cowfold. Court House Farm had been our business address for nearly 15 years, in fact Alex even live there for a while before we met and married, as it's his sister's home. We've extended and developed our forge there several times over the years, but we have grown to the point that we need a much bigger space to allow us to work more productively and potentially employ help during our busy times.

It was always going to be hard to leave Court House Farm, but finding the workshop at Capons Hill has made it a little easier. Cowfold is the district that generations of Alex's family have lived. Apparently there's been a Moore living here for over 500 years! While we're not planning on moving the family in, we're really happy to be working back where our family have been happy and rooted for so many years. 

Our old telephone number will be routed through to our new workshop for at least the next six months, but our new contact details are:

Unit 3 Capons Hill Farm, Station Road, Cowfold, West Sussex RH13 8DE. Telephone, 01403 865950

The lovely Court House Farm... Capons Hill pictures will follow shortly.  



An Original Christmas Gift

by Kim Moore 6. October 2014 07:41

I hate to mention it, but Christmas isn't that far away and Alex and I have already started to talk about Christmas presents for our boys. As much as I like to ignore it's seasonal pull from a planning point of view, it's time to get festive. With that in mind we have put a new Christmas gift on our website and if I can get really organised I will be emailing all you lovely past customers with some more details. But in case the email doesn't happen, here it is! 

Our newest product is a set of three photographic prints of Wesley Moore's garden tools - he was Alex's grandad. They are classic, vintage pieces that we still use in our garden; a wooden wheelbarrow, galvanised watering can and a Sussex trug. We've shot them on a white background, printed onto a textured matt card and then mounted them on 19mm birch plywood. Each picture is 15cm wide x 10cm high and has a drilled hole in the back for fixing on the wall. They cost £60 which includes postage and come bubble wrapped in a white parcel box.

They're stunningly simple and evoke the charm and peace of a byegone era. Ours are on our kitchen wall, but they'd look great anywhere in the home and although rustic in subject matter, the clean contemporary mounting would suit modern homes too.

We love them and hope you will too.


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Family Fun

by Kim Moore 11. September 2014 08:38

We closed the workshop for the first time this year and took a well earned family holiday and we thought you might be curious what we got up to. Mostly we pottered around France in our old camper van, which Alex got back on the road for us (there were a lot of very late nights to get it ready!). We visited friends near Limoge and then headed to Biarritz for some surfing fun. After a slow drive back up the west coast we returned to England via St Agnes in Cornwall where we joined up with some friends at the World Bellyboarding competition. 

The event celebrates an elderly couple who surfed on the beach well into their 80's without wetsuits and during the same week each year. It showcases vintage fashion and the best of English eccentricity. We had a great time and will definitely go again next year. Here we are at the event, snapped by our friend and talented photographer John Isaac. Apart from being a top chap, John's also a very good surfer and is heavily involved in the surf scene in Cornwall. 

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Latest Garden Product

by Kim Moore 6. May 2014 05:28

We're really pleased to be able to offer a new product this year. It's a decorative garden screen that can be used singly or by hinging two or more together. The screen is ideal for dividing sections of the garden without being blocky and obscuring the view. It's a sculptural piece that looks amazing rising up out of a low border or as a backdrop for planting. It could also be used for a climber although I think it's far too lovely to be covered up!

It will be added to the website in the next couple of weeks but here are a couple of images to tickle your taste buds! It's just £195 for a single panel (you can choose to have the version with circle at the top or the bottom) and £370 for a double panel. The double panel is supplied with a shaped allen key bracket to fix the two tidily together. We're loving the screen, but don't be shy, tell us what you think!








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Featured on Gardeners' World...

by Kim Moore 10. March 2014 08:54

Last Friday was the first episode of this season's Gardeners' World. I didn't see it as hubby and I were out for dinner with friends, but I had several emails over the weekend to say that our arch was featured. So I logged onto the iPlayer to see for myself and there it was!

Joe Swift had visited a bog garden in Fishguard, Pembrokeshire to see how gardener Christina Shand had made the most of the wet conditions. The grounds the garden was in covered a huge area and four of our horn obelisks had been grouped together as a pergoda in a meadow-like space. I'm really pleased to say that Christina and her husband have several of our pieces at their garden. They are well known gardening enthusiasts in their part of Pembrokeshire and open their garden from Easter till September. There is even a cottage to rent in the garden. If anyone is interested in finding out more about them, they have a website


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a freshen up

by Kim Moore 11. February 2014 07:32

It's hard to imagine at the moment, but I'm reliably informed that spring is nearly here. Alex is really chuffed about the lack of snow this year, but like most of the country he's getting a bit tired of the constant rain. There's little joy in cycling through two foot of flood water to reach the workshop everyday. Still we have little to complain about in the grand scheme of things and have been turning our attention to the coming season. We thought it was time we spruced up our image a bit in readiness for the springtime so we persuaded an old friend of Alex's, photographer John Isaacs, to do some new product shots for us.

The plan is to use the images on our website and in new ads we've booked in Country Living magazine. We're also looking at doing some online advertising and the new images are just what we need to create some fresh and hopefully appealing adverts. We had a great time working with John. His day job usually involves fashion models rather than garden arches, but he rose to the challenge. One of our new ads is below and a shot of the lovely John in full flow. Big thanks to him.






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