Tree seat

Modern Garden Furniture

Whatever style of garden you prefer, our traditional and modern garden furniture will help you make the most of it. We’ve galvanised space saving seating sets for smaller spaces, colourful circular benches with optional table tops, steel benches with gorgeous curves and a cocoon-like nest seat - our garden get-away that’s also a spectacular work of art.

All of our seating is handmade and designed to withstand the best of the British weather. To prevent rust on our benches, we use stainless steel, which is finished with an electro-polish, or powder coated in a wide choice of RAL colours. Of course, you may prefer an oxidised rust finish on your nest seat, so we coat it to preserve it’s warm colour and prevent any marking on clothes. We are able to deliver all our seats internationally, please contact us for an individual quote.

  • low back bench
  • high back bench

    If comfort and style are high on your agenda, our high back bench is made for you. Its raised back and elegant proportions give it a wide appeal without compromising on its designer credentials. It’s also available electro-polished or powder coated.

  • Circular Bench

    Originally designed as tree seats, our circular benches make functional seating fun. They can be used around trees, or add a tabletop and they make a useful piece of outdoor furniture.

  • traditional tree seats

    Made from galvanised mild steel, our traditional tree seats offer year round comfort and are maintenance-free. Their simple classic form can be sized to fit any size of tree and they come in two halves for easy positioning, to make mowing and cleaning underneath simple.